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"I’ve been amused, intrigued, outraged, enthralled and exasperated by Chicago. And I’ve come to love this American giant, viewing it as the most misunderstood, most underrated city in the world. There is none other quite like my City of Big Shoulders."

-Irv Kupcinet [x]

Kuroshitsuji / CHP. 31 / The Scene I’m Looking Forwards to Most Tbh.

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Shinji blushing like a firetruck is my favourite Shinji.

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I wish there was a more efficient way of replying to replies 

But yes winsomemisfit this IS an orca, and it is super cute !

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Batwoman #32 - Bombshell variant 
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Andrew Jackson Jihad
Love in the Time of Human Papillomavirus
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I will buy us an acre of some land in the city. We could live there together, or I’ll live alone less happy. But I’ll live, unfortunately.

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Foxy Shazam
Forever Together
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Don’t bid me farewell

Don’t tell me goodbye

Please, be here tomorrow

When I wake up

Forever together, that’s what we’ll be

Forever together, just you and me

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Wouldn’t let Kate get married in her own book, but at least she’s happily married to Renee in the Injustice-verse.

Injustice Gods Among Us Year Two #16 // Tom Taylor, Xermanico

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